Nos réalisations

Nos Contrats d'entretien chaudière

Contrat d'entretien chaudière mazout

1. The installer commits to the following services

· An annual cleaning of the boiler.
· An annual burner cleaning;
· An annual control of the quality of combustion;
· An establishment of the revision certificate requested by the Grand-Ducal regulation (to date every 2 years);
· An annual check of the expansion tank and safety valves;
· An annual check of the correct operation of the heating pumps;
· Annual monitoring of the regulatory system;

The services will be performed within 12 months of the date of the previous services. The installer will set the dates for his interventions himself and in agreement with the resident, during normal opening hours, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  

- a breakdown service provided as a priority 7/7 days with guaranteed intervention within 24 hours,
it covers the labor and travel hours (excluding parts) only for the expressly explained interventions in repair or replacement on:

a) repairs to the burner parts;
b) replacement of the heating and sanitary expansion vessel;
c) replacement of the heating and sanitary safety valve;
d) repair or replacement of the boiler control and safety thermostats;
e) repair or replacement of the pumps of the heating circuit and domestic hot water circuit
f) repair of the boiler control panel with regulation;
q repair or replacement of the room thermostat or the remote control;
i) repair of thermostatic radiator valves;
k) repair or replacement of motorized valves in the boiler room;
l) repair or replacement of combustion air supply fans;


2. General conditions

· The costs resulting from the services to be provided within the framework of the Grand-Ducal and Ministerial regulations governing the operation of combustion installations are included in the price of this maintenance contract. 
The costs resulting from the Heitzungchek are not included.
· The repairs which could result from the following points are excluded from the interventions covered by this contract:

a) the repair of fuel oil leaks due to a lack of tightness of the pipes;

b) problems related to poor design or execution of the existing installation causing
malfunctions requiring more extensive intervention: hydraulic problems, etc.

c) intervention for lack of fuel following improper handling of the fuel oil tap;

d) intervention for lack of current following improper handling (eg:
emergency switch tripped .....) or circuit breaker tripped for a cause external to the heating;

e) intervention carried out by an unqualified third party on one of the equipment of the installation;

f) cleaning the chimney and the nozzle as well as repairing the sealing of the
exhaust duct (boiler failure due to the presence of combustion gases in the combustion air or condensate water leak from the duct smoke);

g) following a non-conformity observed during the tests, the costs of bringing into conformity
requested by the regulations in force are not included in this contract;

h) repair of water leaks on the heating circuit installation;

i) checking the sanitary water filter, the softener and sanitary equipment in general:
(taps, sinks, toilets, etc.);

j) work on wastewater as well as on the entire rainwater network;

k) lift pumps in general (except those related to the boiler);

l) work on the solar installation (excluding equipment directly linked to the heating network);

m) work on controlled ventilation;

n) a lack of water in the installation caused by lack of supervision, as well as the
air purge ;

· The report certifying the trip and the intervention will be signed upon presentation.
· If the installer finds during the execution of this contract any defect in the equipment requiring repair, he will notify the customer.

· This contract takes effect on the date of its signature by the customer and after payment. It is concluded for a period of one year, renewable by tacit agreement, unless terminated by one of the parties, at least 90 (ninety) days before its expiration, by registered letter.

3. Fixed price maintenance contract and omnium: price on request